LiveWest's new Executive Director of Digital and Business Change

21 November 2018

LiveWest is delighted to have appointed Ian Fisher as its new Executive Director of Digital and Business Change.

Ian will spearhead the south west leading housing provider’s transformation of its digital strategy.

In his new role, Ian will be responsible for leading and managing a programme of digital projects and products and ensuring the IT systems, processes and procedures support the organisation’s strategic objectives.

Ian said: “It’s great to be taking on this new role at what is an exciting time for LiveWest.

“I have never worked for an organisation with such a strong social purpose and I have got a real determination to deliver something that will make a difference to people.

“My experience is using technology to improve businesses and people’s lives.

“The culture of LiveWest is something that has huge appeal and there is a real appetite for change. LiveWest has got the customer at its heart, it is part of our DNA.

“I am looking forward to working with everyone to understand their needs and build a technology strategy which can support the business strategy and help achieve the long-term growth and ambitions of the organisation.”

Ian, 45, added: “I am spending a lot of time understanding all areas of the business, working with staff at the sharp end. Our people are out there meeting customers on a day-to-day basis and some of the technology that we could employ to support them in their roles could make a big difference to our ability to be effective and meet our customers’ needs.

“I can then use those experiences to drive forward the right and appropriate technology.

“It is very grounding to know that everything we do and everything we are working towards can make a difference in people’s lives.”

Ian brings a wealth of experience in technology and logistics, having spent the last 18 years at DHL where he was a company director responsible for the IT across the UK and Ireland.

LiveWest Chief Executive Paul Crawford says Ian’s track record in delivering successful technological solutions will help the housing provider enhance its service offering.

Paul said: “We are delighted that Ian has joined us. His considerable experience will be enormously helpful in terms of thinking how technology can help us be more efficient, deliver great services and ensure our service offer reflects what our customers want in the future.”