LiveWest's ‘Big Lunch’ in South Gloucestershire

18 July 2018

One of LiveWest's key aims is to invest in our communities and a great initiative that we’re involved in is the Eden Project’s ‘Big Lunch’ which is the idea that we get as many people across the UK as possible to have lunch and get to know their neighbours better.

Our Community Empowerment team worked with other local partners to organise a lunch event with almost 200 people attending.

Marie Burke, LiveWest Community Empowerment Officer, said: “It is wonderful that we can support and nurture projects like this and enable people who may struggle to have a voice or to make connections in their communities to come together and realise what they are capable of - there are so many skills and talents on offer.

Everybody had a lot of fun on the day with everyone enjoying the food and listening to the great music, including a Frank Sinatra ‘singalike’.”