How you can help shape the services we provide

11 March 2019

We are launching a unique opportunity for 50 of our customers to help examine how we develop and shape our services. Our new customer group, InFocus, is looking to recruit its members from our existing customers.

 If you like to question, encourage, positively challenge, work with others to find answers and like sharing your views then this opportunity could be just right for you.

 The group will focus on: 

 - Ensuring customer priorities are heard and acted on

 - our performance and focus on key issues for staff to address

 - value for money and helping to identify what services our customers value

 - celebrating and promoting what we do well. 

We are searching for people who have a mix of skills and knowledge that represent the diverse communities we live in.  In order to ensure you get the most out of this opportunity, we will fully support you in this new role. We pay expenses for things such as travelling, childcare and carer costs. 

Linda Nash, LiveWest Chair said: ”We are looking for a diverse range of people with diverse skills, knowledge and experience stretching across our own geography.

“We are doing this because we are still relatively new and it is a great opportunity to do something differently and to actually start living up to our values; doing things together, being customer focused and challenging convention. 

 “Our raison d'être is to build homes that people want to live in, build homes people want to cherish and come back to and most importantly to build communities and homes that enable people to flourish. We want to do that, and we want to do that with our customers together. 

 “If you are a person that actually enjoys getting involved, a person that wants to make a difference not only to your own life but to others, please get in contact so we can build the homes people want together.” 

Watch a short video of Linda Nash, telling us more.

What will you have to do?

- Be part of an online community and take part in online conversations

- work in partnership with LiveWest staff to evaluate overall customer experience and   review performance

- attend meetings and training sessions if you wish to

- contribute to the report for our Customer Services Committee. 

What is in it for you? 

- Build relationships with other customers and be part of a network that can make a   difference.

- improve your self-confidence by working and learning with others

- provide a productive and rewarding use of your spare time

- you will receive training and support.

We recognise that your time is precious so we’re not asking you to give up all of your free time.  We anticipate you’ll need around 30 minutes to an hour each week. 

Sharon Cresswell, Customer Experience Manager said: “Long gone are the days when scrutiny involved a few customers sat in a room pouring over reams of performance data.
“Our new approach will offer customers the opportunity to be involved at a time that suits them and in a way that suits them.  We are looking forward to working with InFocus and delivering real change.” 

Applications have now closed for InFocus.