Customers celebrate local community together at the Wyndham Park Street Fayre in Yeovil

13 July 2018

LiveWest customers in Yeovil had an excellent time at the Wyndham Park Street Fayre last week, where the Deputy Mayor of Yeovil opened the celebrations. Straight away our customers got involved in enjoying the many activities and stands on offer. This proved to be a very popular community event with over 400 locals joining in the fun throughout the afternoon.

Kate Sheppard, LiveWest Community Empowerment Officer said: ‘’Working with our customers and partners in Wyndham has been an inspiration. The resilience of the community and their passion for making their neighbourhood a pleasant place to live has influenced us. This is a true testament of how we can work with our customers to build strong neighbourhoods.’’

This year we were pleased to have been joined by so many great partners on the day including the Wyndham Park Residents Association and the Yeovil without Parish Council to name a few.

It looks like everyone had a fantastic time and well done to our Community Empowerment team who helped to make this event possible.