Customer FAQs

26 April 2018

Help and support

We are here to give you all the help and support you need.


You may have a few queries about what LiveWest means for you so we have put together some frequently asked questions to help.

1. Why change our name to LiveWest?

DCH and Knightstone have made an exciting decision to merge and form a new organisation, committed to building new homes to rent and buy and deliver excellent customer services.

We’ve worked on our new identity closely with customers, staff and board members. During our consultation, we involved customers who shared their thoughts on our identity, and what our services meant to them. LiveWest was the name that when combined with our brand purpose clearly summarised the essence of our new organisation. By coming together we will now be even more responsive, supportive and be able to provide improved services for our customers.

2. What does this actually mean?

If we write or contact you we will do so as LiveWest Limited as the name of your landlord has changed.

3. Will there be any changes for me?

You can still:

  • Pay your rent in the same way

  • Report your repairs in the same way

  • Speak to your usual neighbourhood manager

  • Have the same opportunities to get involved

  • Contact us for help and advice.

4. Will my rent or service charges change as a result of the merger?


No. Your rents or service charges will not change as a result of DCH and Knightstone coming together to create LiveWest. The way they are set will still be through an annual review.


5. Has my landlord and the terms of my tenancy or lease changed?


LiveWest Limited is the new name of your landlord. Your tenancy agreement or lease hasn’t changed because of this and all your rights and responsibilities will stay the same.


6. I’m a leaseholder, what will happen to my reserve fund?


Your reserve fund will remain dedicated to your property or scheme in accordance with your lease.


7. Will the services I receive change because of the merger?


We won’t make any changes straight away. We will keep you informed on this, and any changes that we do make should improve our services to you. For now, we will continue as we are and you can get in touch with us using all the telephone numbers you currently have.


8. As the new organisation covers a bigger area, does this mean I’d get less of a local service?


No. LiveWest is committed to providing great customer services in our local communities. Our teams will continue to be on hand to offer support and advice. We will also continue to provide a high-quality repairs service, 24 hours a day, and seven days a week. We work in a flexible way and many of our staff are mobile workers. This means we can work from any location we also will share with you information about touch down points throughout Devon, Cornwall, and Somerset where you will be able to meet with our staff.


9. Will repairs and estate services or planned improvements change as a result of the merger?


As a new organisation, we will have one standard offer available for our customers. We don’t think there will be any significant changes and we would consult you on any we do plan to make. We will continue to make improvements and replacements to your home and if we have notified you that you’ve got a new bathroom, kitchen or windows planned then this will still happen. If you need to report a repair you can do this through our website You can also get in touch with us using all the telephone numbers you currently have.


10. How will I know who you are if you contact me or visit my home for a repair?


From Monday 19 March you will start to see our staff wearing LiveWest uniforms and they will carry and show you LiveWest identity cards. When we answer telephones we will do this stating that we work for LiveWest. If you want to find out more about us please visit our new website If you have any concerns about contractors or staff visiting your home, do not let them in until you are comfortable with their identity. You can call our customer service teams for clarification about appointments. You can get in touch with us using all the telephone numbers you currently have.


11. Will my housing management or support change?


No. Whether you receive personal, on-site or support from another agency this won’t change, it will continue as normal. If your housing is managed by someone other than LiveWest this will stay the same as well.


12. Will LiveWest involve customers in priorities and service design?


We’re committed to our customers and making sure your views and experiences inform what we do. We will continue to work with you in a way which meets your needs and choices.


13. Will LiveWest continue to invest in much-needed housing in my area?


We have exciting and ambitious building plans and are planning to create 15,000 new homes to rent and buy over the next 10 years. A third of these will be built in Devon and Cornwall, a third will be built in Somerset and the West of England and the final third will be built where opportunity occurs. We have already started building homes throughout the south west as we bring together our development programmes and identify new sites for more new homes. Our aim is to build 400-500 homes annually in West of England and Somerset, 300-400 homes in Cornwall and 400-500 homes in Devon with an intention to deliver 1,500 new homes annually from 2022.


14. Will LiveWest continue to invest in the existing homes it owns?


We will continue to undertake repairs, servicing and improvements within our existing homes.