Social distancing

The current advice from the government is that people from outside our household shouldn't be in our homes, unless there are specific circumstances such as they are your carer.

When outside of your home, you should stay two metres away from anyone, who isn't from your own household. This applies to our communal areas such as hallways, gardens and car parks too. We ask that you are respectful of your neighbours who share these spaces and considerate in your behaviour.

If you feel that someone is breaking the regulations and this affects you, having a polite conversation with your neighbour may help the situation. If you are worried about speaking with your neighbour, you can download our Dear Neighbour card for use during the coronavirus lockdown.

We’re not able to enforce any rules about social distancing so ask that if you are worried, to report this to the police via 101 or online

Avon and Somerset police 

Devon and Cornwall police

Gloucestershire police