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24 November

Working with IFF research to learn more about our customers

In November and early December, we are carrying out research to understand more about the lives and experiences of our residents and shared owners
IFF telephone interviews

Some of our customers will receive a call and be asked to take part via a telephone survey. 

Why are LiveWest carrying out this research?
This is the first time we have carried this out and we see it as a great opportunity to learn from our residents and shared owners about their lives and experiences. A key aim for this research is to gain a clearer understanding of who our  customers are so we can ensure that future plans focus on our customers needs. We also recognise that the last few months have been very challenging for a lot of people and another aim of the research is to understand the impact this may have had on our customers. In carrying out this research LiveWest joins other large housing associations who are equally keen to understand the experiences of their customers. 

Who will call?
We have commissioned our external partner, IFF Research to undertake the survey during November and early December on our behalf and any calls will come via 0800 077 3572.  To reach as many customers as possible IFF Research may call between 9am and 7pm Monday to Friday and between 11am and 4pm on Saturday.

You may have previously spoken to IFF Research if you have been contacted to give feedback on a service such as a repair you have had, we have a useful FAQ about these calls here.

The research is completely voluntary, so if you do not want to take part please just let IFF Research know when they call you, that is fine. If you do decide to take part all information given will be kept confidential and we would like to thank you for helping us understand more about your experiences. 

What will IFF Research ask me?
IFF Research will ask you questions about a number of topics, including your local area and community, your experience around finances, understanding your current employment status, your experience and use of digital communication and your views on building new homes, as well as some other questions. We recognise that some of these topics are very personal to you and that is why we have asked IFF Research to keep your responses completely confidential, however if there are any questions which you would prefer not to answer please let the caller know. We will not include anything in our reports that could personally identify an individual. 

How long will the conversation take?
The conversation should take no longer than 15 minutes.

If you have any further questions about the research please email the Research and Insight team on or alternatively you can call the customer service team who would be happy to put you through to a member of the team.

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