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19 June

White goods grants helps customers to buy appliances

In order to support our customers in their homes, we are providing grants towards either fixing broken appliances or towards the cost of a new one.
washing machine repair

Our priority is to help our customers during these difficult times and our grants ensure our customers have access to essential appliances such as fridges, freezers and ovens.

One customer with a young family, who only had access to a microwave, was able to buy a new oven thanks to one of our crisis and hardship - white goods grant.

Another customer working in a hospital needed help towards fixing a broken washing machine in order to wash their uniform. We were able to help them by issuing a grant.

We supported a customer with complex health issues, who had been shielding line with government advice, to buy a new freezer so he could store food.

While a customer, who was unable to use his oven due to broken glass, has been given a grant towards buying a new appliance.

A customer with mobility issues was given a grant towards buying a new fridge freezer.

A large family in Cornwall, needed help to buy a new oven, as two rings on their previous appliance were not working. We stepped in to provide to help with a grant.

One of our older customers who was suffering mental health issues was unable to store food due to a broken fridge, until we provided a grant towards the cost of a new appliance and a new mattress to sleep on.

We supported a customer to buy a bigger fridge so that they could store all of their medication and food products needed to sustain a special diet for diabetes and a heart condition.

One customer had not been able to cook hot food after we went into lockdown because they were unable to afford an oven. We were able to help with a grant.

We supported another one of our customers, who was furloughed from their job after having to self-isolate for 12 weeks, with a grant to buy an oven. 

In Bristol, we issued a grant for a customer to buy a bigger fridge to help store food as they were shielding due to an illness.

A customer, who had recently left hospital, returned home to find his oven had broken and could not afford to buy a new one. 

We helped with a grant to ensure he can continue eat fresh, home cooked meals while he undergoes ongoing treatment.

One customer, who was supported with a new grant to buy a new freezer, said: “I just wanted to say thank you again for arranging our new freezer. 

“You have really helped me and my family out and we can’t thank you enough.”

Another customer, who was also given a grant towards a new fridge/freezer, added: “Thank you to the LiveWest team for supplying me with a fridge freezer. 

“It has made a big difference with me and it means I don’t have to go shopping every day - it is keeping me safe. A big thank you.”

We were able to help a customer with a grant to buy a new washing machine.

They were due to start a new job but this was put on hold because of Covid-19.
With two children at home, one of whom has medical needs, their financial struggles were made worse as they waited for benefits to be paid. We stepped into help to ensure they had this essential white in their house again.

Apply for a white goods grant here.

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