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29 November

Our service offer

When we became LiveWest our focus was to provide the same service offer to all our customers. We have now created one single offer.
Our service offer

Our new service offer will go live on Monday 2 December.

What this means for you

There will be changes as there are some repairs that you will now be responsible for and some that we will now undertake for you.

We recognise there will be times when you need additional support. In these circumstances, we will carry out work which falls outside of the standard approach. We are happy to discuss these situations with you.

Our Head of Customer Services, Sarah Williams said: “Making it clear about our repairs responsibilities are and what the customer is responsible for will simplify the process for our customers.”

Our commitment to you

  • We will discuss a repair with you and confirm who will cover the cost. We will always appoint appropriately skilled and trained staff or contractors to undertake the work.
  • Where anyone’s health and safety maybe at risk or extensive damage to the home is likely we will make sure that the maintenance team attends as soon as possible.
  • If the repair is our responsibility, we will arrange an appointment with you to do the work. 
  • If it is an emergency, we will always give these cases priority.

Please remember that if you plan to make alterations to your home you will need to discuss this with us first as we will agree who will be responsible for the upkeep.

We are currently working on a new feature which will provide you with a quick search function if you are looking to solve an issue. This will help you confirm what repairs are your responsibility and any charges that we might apply if we do the work for you. 

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