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19 June

Loss of income grant helps customers to cover urgent costs

This crisis and hardship grant has helped customers to cover the cost of items like moving fees, essential furniture and travel.
Loss of income grant

We understand that some of our customers have experienced a loss of income and increased livings costs during these challenging times.

So we have offered support by issuing a number of grants to cover things like moving costs, essential furniture and transport.

A couple, who are shielding due to health issues, needed money towards a new bed as they are sleeping in different rooms to protect each other.

We supported them with a grant to buy this new piece of furniture.

Another couple experienced delays with their Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) payment and were successful in applying for a grant to help them buy food and pay their energy bills.

One of the customers said: “The grant will help ease the financial pressure on us so we can pay our priority bills.”

A customer hospitalised after suffering an asthma attack was unable to afford a taxi home after being released. So we arranged for transport to take them home.

We supported one of our customers with a grant so they could top up their gas and electricity after encountering financial difficulties.

Another one of our customers applied for a grant to a buy a new bed to support their son who had moved back to the family home.

One of our self-employed customers who was forced to close their business during lockdown was struggling to pay their bills until we provided a grant.

A customer whose Universal Credit claim had been delayed was able to buy a new carpet for their baby's room, thanks to one of our grants.

A customer living alone with a series of medical issues was without heating or hot water after their boiler broke down. One of our grants went towards buying a new boiler.

We were able to deliver a grant to a customer who is cooking meals for their father during lockdown, using a broken frying pan. The grant went towards helping the customer to buy some new cooking utensils.

One of our welfare calls identified a customer struggling to pay their bills after being forced to stop working due to a heart attack earlier in the year. They were given a grant to help them get back on track.

A customer with a life-limiting medical condition was given a grant towards utility bills, while we also helped a customer with their rising electricity bills due to all four children being at home permanently during lockdown.  

We have also supported a customer who is suffering with multiple sclerosis and has the added pressure of home schooling their children.

The grant went towards topping up their electric metre and buying materials for their children’s school work.

Apply for a loss of income or increased living costs grant here.

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