The Team

Our team of 11 Community Connectors are based around our geography. Each Connector has a wealth of experience in their area, evolving communities through partnership with both external agencies and our residents. 

Who We Are

Marie Burke - South Gloucestershire and Gloucester

Colette Tuckey - Bristol and Bath and North East Somerset

Sally Hill - Sedgemoor

Shona Stone - Somerset

Lesley Browne - Exeter, East, and Mid Devon

Guy Braga - North Devon

Alison Knight - West Devon

Charlotte Holdsworth - Dartmouth and surrounding

Justine Cheffers - Plymouth

Mai Evans - Mid and East Cornwall

Keri Millar - West Cornwall

Where We Work

Neighbourhoods In Focus

Across our geography, LiveWest has pinpointed a number of priority areas or Neighbourhoods In Focus. These are areas where both we and our customers have identified needs or issues that we can support them with. Each of our Community Connectors will be working within several Neighbourhoods In Focus, outlined by individual Action Plans.

We have been listening to your thoughts and experiences to help us shape our service and community plans. Bringing together teams from across LiveWest and our partner organisations, each with their own expertise, we will work with you to build on the skills and people within our communities. 

If you would like to get involved please contact us and look for more news coming soon.